Caesar & Bacon Chicken One(Crispy)

Macdonald's wrap of day

This wrap of the day UK, namely caesar & bacon crispy chicken wrap is available under a promotional deal and is available on every Monday and Saturday. You have two terminal options to choose from, outlining them one is crispy chicken and the other is grilled chicken.

Let your taste buds rejoice with the tender and flavorsome cooked chicken wrapped up inside the tortilla bread escorted by some heavenly good tangy sausages. We speculate that just after having your first bite you will for enjoy the whole wrap as a mellifluous balance of taste is being served.

Visualize your taste goblet enjoying the creamy enriched Caesar and mustard condiment topped up with cheese chunks wrapped inside the large tortilla bread accompanying fresh lettuce and onions that will for sure add a crunchy taste to your taste.

This mcdonald’s crispy chicken wrap costs you around 3.79£. Want to eat something in fine fettle; Mcdonald’s big flavor wraps are the best choice to indemnify your hunger.

Maccies Crispy or Grilled Chicken Wrap?

The dissimilarity between the grilled vs crispy chicken caesar & bacon wrap is the type of bacon used and the way chicken is prepared. For the grilled chicken wrap McDonalds the bacon used is beechwood bacon that contains about 23 kcal per serving and is cooked in the gentle smoke of beechwood chips while, the crispy chicken wrap of the day has streaky bacon that is mostly from the belly and is the tastier and fattiest part.

Mcdonald’s big flavor wrap let you choose whether you like grilled or crispy chicken fillet. If you are feeling hungry and ready to eat something that is light on your stomach, then without any second thought you should have a go for the grilled chicken wrap.

On contrast to this, the mcdonald’s crispy chicken one not only entices your taste buds with its crispy external texture but is a perfect meal as it contains more calorific content comparing it with the aforementioned and is a wholesome meal for a person.

Mcdonald’s Caesar Bacon Crispy Chicken Wrap-Ingredients  

Wrap of Day


Crispy Chicken

Streaky Bacon

Wrap of Day

Tortilla Bread


Caesar Style Sauce

Wrap of Day
Garlic Mayo Sauce

Apropos of the detail of the ingredients are concerned, this Mcdonald’s wrap is prepared while making sure the ingredients used are rich in nutrients and provide you with enough energy. The ingredients used in Mcdonald’s bacon & caesar crispy chicken wrap preparation are listed below along with their calorie values.

IngredientCalorie Content (Kcal)
Lettuce2 Kcal
Chicken (Crispy)240 Kcal
Streaky Bacon23 Kcal
Tortilla Bread170 Kcal
Onions3 Kcal
Caesar Style Sauce78 kcal
Garlic Mayo Sauce61 kcal

This Mcdonald’s UK wrap meal will give you the essence of a gourmet meal. This large flavor wrap is a well-balanced combination of ingredients and sausages that are tangy enough for a real food aficionado.

This mcdonald’s big flavor twister is your perfect choice that not only caters for your cravings but will definitely let you fall in love. Enjoy this meal during traveling or the way you want to.

Comparison with Other Mcdonald’s Wraps

BBQ & Bacon Chicken Wrap

The Bbq & Bacon chicken wrap offers a smoky, tangy flavor profile with Bbq sauce and crispy bacon. It’s a bit more indulgent with the richness of the BBQ sauce and the crunchiness of the bacon, appealing to those who prefer bolder flavors. In contrast, this caesar & bacon chicken wrap has a more classic, creamy flavor with the caesar dressing and is slightly lighter in taste.

Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap

The sweet chili chicken wrap is for those who enjoy a sweet and spicy kick. It features a sweet chili sauce that provides a contrasting experience to the caesar & bacon chicken wrap’s savory and creamy notes. Both wraps offer a balanced taste, but the Sweet Chili version stands out with its unique blend of tanginess.

Spicy Veggie Wrap

For vegetarians or those looking for a meat-free option, this veggie wrap is an excellent choice. It combines a spicy relish sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a veggie patty, offering a completely different taste and texture compared to the chicken-based caesar wrap. This option caters to dietary preferences and adds variety to McDonald’s wrap menu.

When comparing nutritional content, the caesar & bacon chicken wrap generally offers a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, making it a moderately healthy choice, especially with grilled chicken. In comparison, the Bbq & bacon chicken wrap might have higher sugar content due to the Bbq sauce, while the sweet chili chicken wrap could be higher in sugars and lower in fats. The spicy veggie wrap offers a good alternative for reducing meat consumption, but it’s essential to check specific nutritional information for each wrap to meet dietary goals.

By comparing the caesar & bacon chicken wrap with other wraps on the McDonald’s wrap menu, customers can better understand their options and choose according to their flavor preferences and dietary needs. This variety also highlights McDonald’s commitment to catering to a wide range of tastes and nutritional requirements.

Crispy Chicken Wrap McDonalds-Nutritional Facts

Caesar & Bacon Crispy Chicken Wrap

Mcdonald’s BBQ & Bacon Crispy Chicken wrap is a perfect alternative to your regular meal with high calorific values.

Concisely, discussing the salubriousness of a meal, it defines the amount of nutrients or dietary supplements that are readily available in your meal. For having a well-balanced diet, it is vital to know the nutritional details of the food you are eating.

The nutritional facts of the caesar & bacon chicken wrap calorific content along with other nutrients for the crispy chicken wrap are discussed in detail.

Nutrition ContentCrispy Chicken
Energy (Kcal)532
Energy (KJ)2226
Fat (g)25
Saturated fat (g)4.1
Carbohydrate (g)50
Carbohydrates of which sugar (g)2.6
Protein (g)25
Fiber (g)3.7
Salt (g)2.4

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’s

Is the wrap of the day deal gone?

The answer to this question is clearly NO. This promotional offer is still available for the customers in every outlet of Macdonald’s.

What is wrap of the day on Mcdonald’s Mondays and Saturday?

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken Wrap is available every Monday and Saturday. You can have this meal either with grilled chicken or the crispy chicken one.

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