The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One(Crispy)

Craving to taste a wrap that has a balanced mixture of flavors, along with encompassing a bunch of nutrition. Sit back and relax, Bbq & Bacon crispy chicken wrap has got your back, to satisfy your cravings.

If you are a streaky bacon aficionado, this Bbq & Bacon crispy chicken wrap is truly a flavorful escapade to fulfill your cravings with a twist of tangy smoky BBQ sauce. This wrap comprises of succulent crispy chicken coupled with some appetizing sausages, tomatoes, and crispy lettuce which are rolled up in tortilla bread providing you with a luscious flavor for your taste buds.

Envisage a burst of originality tossing up from the luscious cut of fresh tomato and crispy lettuce accompanying a well-cooked crispy chicken cut which is wrapped up inside a large tortilla bread retaining a blended mixture of smoky BBQ and garlic mayo sauce in order to add wholesomeness to your wrap meal.

This Bbq and bacon crispy chicken wrap is available to you in price of just 1.99£. This wrap is available in both options whether you want the grilled or crispy chicken filling and the price is the same for both. If you are desiring to add some sidelines to your big flavor wrap meal, then you have to spend some extra bucks.

Bacon and Chicken Wrap McDonalds UK

This mcdonald’s crispy chicken wrap is available every Tuesday and Thursday in Mcdonald’s menu. You can opt for this Mcdonald’s chicken wrap from either grilled or crispy chicken cut entirely depending on your desire to eat. If you are following a strict diet plan, but at the same time craving to have a meal that also satisfies your appetite, then you should prefer the grilled chicken wrap mcdonald’s meal.

On the other hand, this crispy chicken wrap mcdonald’s is enriched with calories, so you can have this wrap of the day as an alternate to your regular meal. Another thing that makes this large flavor wrap different despite of the crispy or grilled chicken, is the streaky bacon that is wrapped up in tortilla bread accompanying the crispy chicken in the BBQ & Bacon crispy chicken wrap while the beechwood bacon is topped up inside the tortilla bread in addition to the grilled chicken in BBQ & Bacon grilled chicken wrap, making both of them appetizing just to satisfy your hunger.

The BBQ & Bacon Crispy Chicken One

This BBQ & Bacon crispy chicken wrap is just more than a staple meal. It is a well-proportioned, harmonious blend of flavors that adds up a tempting texture that makes it an eponymous dish, that will take your taste buds to the new height of hunger.

You can conversance with a symphony of flavors, that are truly customized according to your desire. The Mcdonald’s crispy chicken wrap promises to give you a burst of flavors and will surely satisfy your taste buds with every bite taken.

McDonald’s Big Wraps BBQ & Bacon Crispy-Ingredients

While preparing this alluring cuisine, the ingredients used are rich in nutrients and fresh to give you the realm of taste. This Bbq & Bacon crispy chicken wrap is a complete nutritious meal. The caloric intake is different for both the grilled and the crispy options.

Let’s further dive in and have an eagle eye upon the ingredients that are used in the preparation of this McDonald’s Bbq & Bacon crispy chicken wrap along with the respective calorific content.

IngredientsCalorie Content (Kcal)
Lettuce2 Kcal
Crispy Chicken240 Kcal
Streaky Bacon23 Kcal
Garlic Mayo61 Kcal
Tomatoes3 Kcal
Tortilla Bread170 Kcal

Analyzing the amount of calorie intake given above in the crispy chicken wrap, it is concluded that the Bbq bacon crispy chicken wrap contains more amount of calorific values than the aforementioned and is a wholesome healthy meal.

Special Dietary Needs

If you are among the individuals that requires special nutrients for fulfilling their dietary needs, no worries Mcdonald’s offers different ways to enjoy this Bbq & bacon crispy chicken wrap safely.

  1. Gluten Free Options: While the regular tortilla bread is not gluten free, you can ask for the gluten free bread or you can opt for the ingredients to be served on lettuce wrap.
  2. Allergen Information: Giving priority to their customer’s, Mcdonald’s provide complete allergens information for all the menu items. If you have any allergies to certain ingredients like dairy, soy or nuts, give the allergens chart a look available at the Mcdonald’s official website or you can ask for the in-store allergen chart.
  3. Customizable Ingredients: You can remove or substitute the ingredients according to your dietary preferences. Lets say you don’t like the bacon so you can ask to remove it and replace it with the alternative ingredients like mushrooms, tofu or seitan etc.
  4. Low-Calorie Choices: You can also have the meal with low calorie choices like you can replace the crispy chicken with the grilled chicken to reduce the calorie and fat intake. You can also ask for your wrap to have less sausages.
  5. Vegan & Vegetarian Alternatives: If you don’t like the chicken in this Bbq & bacon wrap you can ask it to be replaced with the veggie patty or veggies as a substitute to the chicken.
  6. Sodium Reduction: In order to have low sodium levels in your wrap you can ask for the sausages to be less topped in your wrap or with less or no added salt in wraps.

Mcdonald’s offers ingredients modifications and alternatives, just to ensure that customers with dietary restrictions can enjoy the meal to their full without compromising on their health and dietary intake.

Pro Tip: Always communicate your specific needs with the staff present in order to be sure that your meal is prepared safely.

BBQ and Bacon Wrap Mcdonald’sNutritional Information

For a symmetrical diet, it is indispensable to investigate the amount of nutritional content in your diet. Nutritional content can be defined as the amount of nutraceuticals in your diet. Before eating something always be sure that wether your meal is enormous to provide you with enough nutrition that fits your daily chores.

The nutritional facts for the Mcdonald’s bacon chicken wrap are brought up to light below.

Nutrition ContentCrispy Chicken
Energy (Kcal)439
Energy (KJ)2067
Fat (g)20
Saturated fat (g)2.8
Carbohydrates (g)53
Carbohydrates of which sugar (g)6.5
Protein (g)24
Salt (g)2.3
Fiber (g)24
Total Nutrition2638.6

A healthy diet plays a pivotal role in order to have the best possible physical and mental well-being, since it provides you with the essential nutrients for proper working of your immune system. In addition, a balanced nutritional diet is essential for extending life and avoiding chronic illnesses.

Why the BBQ & Bacon Crispy Chicken Wrap?

This smoky sensational wrap provides you with the zest of balanced ingredients and smokiness of flavors, harmony of textures from either the grilled or crispy chicken that are customized according to your desires.

This Mcdonald’s juicy wrap has gained popularity and won the hearts of customers with the unique and distinctive combination of ingredients and flavors making this big flavor wrap meal an enticing choice for the Mcdonald’s enthusiasts. This Bbq wrap McDonalds is available in almost all outlets of Mcdonald’s across the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’s

What is the difference between grilled and crispy Bbq & bacon chicken wrap?

The only difference between the two is the way the chicken is prepared and how the targeted customer likes it. For the grilled chicken wrap, the chicken is grilled and not fried, and the bacon wrapped inside tortilla bread is beechwood while for the BBQ & Bacon crispy chicken wrap the chicken is fried until it attained a crispy outer texture and bacon used is streaky bacon.

What is the price for the Bbq & Bacon crispy chicken wrap?

The price for this succulent flavorful wrap of the day is 1.99£ depending upon your selection of sidelines it may increase.

How much calories in McDonalds wrap crispy chicken?

The amount of calories in mcdonald’s wrap crispy Bbq & bacon chicken wrap is almost 439Kcal. As, proper calorie intake ensures the body has enough energy for daily activities and bodily functions.

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