The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One(Grilled)

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Can you feel the love for a wrap? If you are a wrap lover we bet you are always striving to taste a harmonious blend of flavors that also adds up a bunch of nutrition to your meal along-with a tempting external texture in a wrap.

No worries, Mcdonald’s is here to satisfy your taste buds. If you are a Bacon lover, this BBQ & Bacon chicken one is truly a heavenly gift to satisfy your hunger with a blend of BBQ smoky sauce.

This McDonald’s Bbq wrap is a perfect combo of succulent chicken in addition to some mouthwatering sauces, tomatoes, and crispy lettuce which are rolled up in a tortilla bread and the bread is grilled on outside to have a tempting texture. This mcd grilled chicken wrap ends up with bringing a juicy flavor to your taste buds.

A true food aficionado can imagine a burst of originality tossing up from the juicy slice cut of tomato, crispy lettuce along-with tender chicken topped up with with a perfect blend of smoky BBQ sauce and garlic mayo sauce wrapped inside a tortilla bread adding wholesomeness to your meal.

Imagine the mouth-enriching combo of smoky BBQ sauce and a creamy garlic mayonnaise tantalizing your taste buds. This mcdonald’s grilled Bbq & Bacon chicken wrap nearly costs you around 1.99£. The price is the same for both grilled or crispy chicken one. Adding a sideline combo to your wrap will cost you some extra money.

BBQ & Bacon Chicken One- McDonalds Vital Ingredients

Grilled Chicken


Tortilla Bread

Beechwood Smoked Bacon


Garlic Mayo Sauce

  • Grilled Chicken: This is the main star of the show and is cooked tender with a burst of flavors injected in the chicken before cooked.
  • Lettuce: This ingredient is the source of vitamin A & K in your meal.
  • Tortilla Bread: This bread wraps symphony of flavors that ensures delightful experience with every bite.
  • Beechwood Smoked Bacon: A real food aficionado can realize the tantalizing taste that adds up depth and zing to the wrap elevating the whole experience.
  • Tomato: A sun-ripened juicy slice of tomato that add up a burst of freshness.
  • Garlic Mayo Sauce: A tangy twist that elevate the taste buds.

While preparing this mouth-enriching BBQ & Bacon chicken one, the ingredients are rich in nutrients and fresh so you can enjoy the realm of taste. This grilled chicken & Bacon wrap provides you wholesome meal that has enough calories.

However, the calorie content is different for the grilled or the crispy chicken wrap. Let’s have a look at the ingredients used in the preparation of the Macdonald’s BBQ & Bacon Chicken wrap along with their respective calorie content.

IngredientsCalorie Content (Kcal)
Lettuce2 Kcal
Chicken (Grilled)90 Kcal
Beechwood Bacon23 Kcal
Streaky Bacon23 Kcal
Garlic Mayo61 Kcal
Tomatoes3 Kcal
Tortilla Bread170 Kcal
Chicken (Crispy)240 Kcal

Analyzing the amount of mcdonald’s wrap calorie content in the McDonald’s wraps, it is concluded that the crispy chicken wrap contains more calorie content as compared to the grilled chicken wrap and is a healthy meal.

Macdonald’s Bbq & Bacon Wrap Meal UK

Macdonald’s offers this wrap every Tuesday and Thursday. You can have this Macdonald’s BBQ & Bacon Chicken wrap either grilled or crispy entirely depending on your choice. Following a strict diet plan? Striving to have a meal that is not too heavy on your stomach in terms of calories and on the same time fulfills your hunger, then the grilled Bbq & Bacon chicken wrap is your go-to meal.

On the contrary to this, the crispy BBQ & Bacon Chicken wrap contains more calories, and you can have this as a substitute for your regular meal. In addition to the crispy or grilled chicken, this Macdonald’s wrap contains streaky bacon filled inside the crispy chicken wrap or beechwood bacon filled inside the grilled chicken wrap, making both of them taste different.

This BBQ & Bacon Chicken wrap is just more than a meal. It is a well-balanced and harmonious symphony of flavors along with tempting external texture making it a signature cuisine that will take your taste buds to the new realm of satisfaction.

You can enjoy a symphony of flavors truly customized according to your taste. This wrap promises to give you an explosion of flavors and satisfy your taste buds with every bite despite the fact that you are having a hectic day or having a moment of enjoyment.

Variations of BBQ & Bacon Chicken Wrap

The Bbq & Bacon chicken wrap offered by Mcdonald’s is a combination of healthy ingredients like the smoky bacon, crispy tender chicken, veggies and the all time favorite the garlic mayo sauce. But do you know you can have the customization and variation according to your likes and dislikes. Let us tell you a little bit more about the customization options.

  1. Crispy vs Grilled Chicken: You can have this wrap from either the crispy or grilled chicken fillings. The only difference between the two servings is the amount of calories per serving.
  2. Spicy Version: If you want your wrap to be spicy then you can add a spicy kick to your wrap as Mcdonald’s has spicy sauces and jalapenos to kick off your spice journey.
  3. Vegetarian Twist: Although Mcdonald’s offers spicy veggie wrap, but if you want veggie indulgence in your Bbq & Bacon Chicken wrap then you can have additional veggie petty or extra veggies in your wrap in place of the regular chicken patty.
  4. Limited Time Flavors: You can enjoy tanginess of the limited time sausages that are offered like the melted cheese sauce or the special Bbq sauce.
  5. Healthy Modifications: You can have a whole wheat tortilla bread instead of the regular tortilla bread or can have added extra veggies to increase the overall nutritional content.
  6. Regional Specials: Depending upon the locality, Mcdonald’s offers different popular regional ingredients and flavors in their offerings to incorporate with the local taste.
  7. Sauce Customization: You can ask for blending of different sauces to have a combo of sausages that will taste different from the regular ones.

McDonalds Grilled Chicken Wrap Nutrition Facts

In order to have a well-balanced diet, it is important to calculate the amount of nutritional content in your diet. Nutritional content is the amount of dietary supplements in your meal.

Before eating something always be sure that the said meal will provide you with enough nutrition to cater with your daily chores. The nutritional values for the Macdonald’s Bbq & bacon chicken wrap grilled along-with proteins content are listed below.

Nutrition ContentGrilled Chicken
Energy (Kcal)334
Energy (KJ)1449
Fat (g)7
Saturated fat (g)1.6
Carbohydrates (g)42
Carbohydrates of which sugar (g)6.9
Protein (g)26
Salt (g)1.9
Fiber (g)26
Total Nutrition1894.4

A healthy diet is vital for achieving the best possible physical and mental well-being since it provides you with the necessary nutrients for proper immune system functioning, development, and general health. In addition to providing the body with energy, a balanced nutritional diet is essential for extending life and avoiding chronic illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’s

What is the BBQ & Bacon chicken wrap mcdonald’s price?

The price for the succulent flavorful wrap is 1.99£ and may increase depending upon your selection of sidelines.

Which mcdonald’s wrap on every Tuesday and Thursday?

Macdonald’s offer mouth-watering, the BBQ & Bacon Chicken wrap either in grilled option or crispy option, every Tuesday and Thursday in its promotional deal mcdonald’s uk wrap of the day.

How many calories in McDonalds grilled chicken wrap?

Mcdonald’s chicken wrap Bbq & Bacon has almost 334 Kcal. As the intake of such amount of calories will not be that much heavy on your stomach and provides you with enough energy for light activities without having excessive calorie load.

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